Over 1,000 hits to this site in the past week. I'm along way from the goal. Please tell a friend I need lots of Hits before the Year 2,000. "Hurricane season is over, and now its time for the dreaded Tourist Season". I hope all you once a year divers in your color coordinated gear take some refresher courses. Remember there are old divers, and there are bold divers, There are no old bold divers. Leave your ego on the dock.

Water temp is hovering near 78, the viz is about 50-90ft - 30ft on a choppy day. Y2K and Diving? Scuba is totally unaffected by the Y2K bug, Unless you have a computer that checks the date. Have you been to South Florida Recently? Have you gone Diving? Don't Forget to send in your Rants and Raves, about SoFla. This Site is Updated too often......

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